Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cleaning the Crevices on a Glass-top Range

The advent of the glass top range was supposed to make our lives easier, right?  Temperatures would be better-controlled.   It would be easier to clean. No longer were the days of dismantling the range to clean messy drip pans. 

In some ways, I do agree with that. However, how do you clean the crevices along the top of the range?  I used to take a butter knife and run it carefully along the edges, but noticed even with my gentle hand, there were tiny abrasions.  I thought of a simple solution that really works. 

You will need:

Small plastic ruler
Cleaner of your choice 

Here is my range before. 

Dampen and tightly wring out your dishcloth. Wrap your ruler in the dishcloth. 

Spray your range surface with cleanser. With the wrapped dishcloth, use the edge of the ruler to trail along the inside edges of the range top.  

After. All clean!!

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