Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kitchen Mat Refresher

You know you're a child of the 70s or 80s if your mom had one of these in the kitchen.

Tastes may evolve, but sometimes dilemmas don't. My mom had to hand-wash and line-dry the rug because putting it in a washing machine would just destroy it. I love the ease of my kitchen mat (which I picked up at Costco) but again, how to launder it? I usually would wipe it down but not find much difference, or toss it altogether after several months and buy a new one.

I am a fervent searcher of new ideas. One thing I enjoy particularly is thinking of alternative uses for my favorite products. I used Comet with bleach to clean the mat.  

First, I applied an ample amount to the mat.

Spread the cleanser into a thin layer (I left a small portion untreated in hopes of comparing). I left it on for approximately five minutes. 

Then wiped clean. You have to look very close at the green door. There is a small distinction. Lol.

I believe the color on the mat is too vibrant to accurately show the I did the reverse side (which apparently, gets a lot dirtier than I could have ever suspected, ick. ). Here, you can clearly see a difference.

Soooooo.....there may be life in the old gal yet...and you can toss it after about a year of use!


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