Friday, June 14, 2013

No-Scrub Grout Deep-Clean

Before any post and of course before cooking, I always spray down and clean my countertops. There is no comparison, however, to bleaching them. Here are my countertops, freshly sprayed with antibacterial cleaner and wiped down. My house is an older one, and the grout is porous; which makes it appear dark.

This is another great use for soft Comet. You may also use Softscrub. In order for this to work, the cleanser must contain bleach. I love that this method cleans my grout sans the use of the time-tested old toothbrush scrub, or much elbow grease. I start by applying a thin layer of the cleanser to the countertops.

Allow to sit for approximately ten minutes.

Wipe off with a clean towel and allow to air dry. This method can also be used on floors, and on white sinks....and I reiterate, requires no scrubbing. On a large area such as a floor, I'd recommend wearing gloves and doing one small area at a time, to eliminate the chance of tracking onto carpets.

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